Bitcoin Security, Ethereum Flexibility

Bitcoin Security, Ethereum Flexibility

Elevating Bitcoin's Network with Layer 2 Decentralization

Elevating Bitcoin's Network with Layer 2 Decentralization


SpectraChain delivers exceptional transaction speed and cost-efficiency, ideal for high-demand applications. It's high scalability and enterprise readiness ensure a robust platform for business needs, promoting superior performance.


Rooted in Bitcoin's unmatched security architecture and enhanced by Proof of Stake consensus, SpectraChain integrates rollup technologies for extra security layers. Its community-driven ethos contributes to a continuously evolving and strengthening platform.


SpectraChain eases blockchain development with EVM compatibility and BRC20 interoperability, streamlining the entry for Ethereum developers. The Spectra BRC20 bridge further simplifies asset transfers, enhancing the platform's usability and fostering widespread adoption.

Network Highlights

  • EVM Compatibility

  • High Scalability

  • Security

  • Low Transaction Costs

  • Community-Driven

  • Interoperability

  • Simplifies dApp development with EVM.

  • Handles vast transactions, enterprise-grade.

  • Robust protection via Bitcoin's framework.

  • Minimal fees, high performance.

  • Protocol shaped by the users and developers.

  • Asset/data transfers across Bitcoin Network, includes BRC20 bridge.


Spectra Chain's token supply is capped at 1 Billion, with a strategic allocation:

Spectra Chain's token supply is capped at 1 Billion, with a strategic allocation:

90% Liquidity Provision: Ensures a stable and fluid market, fostering growth.

10% Ecosystem Support: Funds development, community initiatives, and strategic partnership



Spectra Framework

Settlement Layer (Bitcoin)

Leveraging Bitcoin's unmatched security as our settlement layer, Spectra Chain combines the best of Bitcoin and Ethereum technologies, offering a robust foundation for our Layer 2 solutions.


Utilizing state-of-the-art rollup technology, Spectra Chain achieves unparalleled transaction throughput and scalability without compromising on security.


Our journey is meticulously planned to innovate and enhance blockchain technology.

Key milestones include:

Launch of the Spectra Chain token and Spectra Testnet, emphasizing EVM compatibility, stability, and security.

Kick-start community engagement, launch social media strategies, and initiate marketing efforts.

Expansion into DeFi platforms and strategic partnerships, alongside the development of multiple dApps and the BRC20 Bridge to foster interoperability and functionality.

Developer-centric forums and hackathons, offering rewards for ecosystem contributions, and providing comprehensive resources and support for dApp development.

Integration of rollups in the Devnet for higher transaction efficiency, alongside early development of the staking platform to encourage community participation.

Official Mainnet launch with a full suite of developer tools, dApps support, and introduction of the BRC20 bridge.

Expansion through DeFi integrations, partnerships, and continued focus on community growth and platform promotion.

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Join Our Community




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